Get Ready To Punch More Trees When Minecraft Hits The Xbox 360

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If you have spent a moment on the internet, chances are you have at least heard of Minecraft. Those of you who have experienced it know the joy of punching down an entire tree to make a crafting box, only to move on to punch more trees to make a wood axe to save your amazingly strong knuckles and of course move on to mining better things.


Seasoned and new players alike can enjoy the newest edition to the Minecraft franchise available on the Xbox 360 May 9th. Mojang will be making their console debut via this port. If you are interested, this title will set you back a healthy 1600 Microsoft Points or $20.00.

You already have Minecraft PC with a million mods? That’s ok ! With the Minecraft Xbox 360 Version you can sit with your girlfriend (or boyfriend, friends, bros, anyone, pets, etc) and play together with lovely split screen and a nice frame rate!(Hint to my boyfriend) Earn the familiar achievements this time for gamer score, play with friends over Xbox Live as well, and check out the crafting system set up for the controller.

A gameplay video from PAX 2012 done by Gamespot is one of the best videos showing the game I’ve seen yet. You can check that out by visiting Gamespot here.

Are you going to pick up this version of the game?

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