Experience The Louvre Like Never Before With The Nintendo 3DS

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Back in December, the unexpected alliance between Nintendo and the French Louvre museum was announced. So does that mean we will see Mario in place of the Mona Lisa? Not quite, but this is impressive nonetheless.

No need to worry about getting lost or even trying to remember what your curator just said. Visitors can carry around the Nintendo 3DS that is jam-packed with over 700 commentaries, maps and interactive views of many pieces. Also, 3D view for some of the pieces you just can’t get around. Shigeru Miyamoto enjoyed the full view of a statue who’s back was against a wall. So, through the 3DS he was able to fully see the statue. The commentaries are available in many languages and they even hope to add French Sign Language and a special touch gallery for the visually impaired.

shigeru-miyamoto-louvreWith all these tools at your finger tips , one can make their own itinerary for their trip through the Louvre and have a very personalized experience.  The video below showcases the collaboration and in my opinion,  entices me to go!

No word on what they take from visitors to ensure they get their 3DS back. I am sure some form of I.D. To see the full line of up of what is offered you can visit the Nintendo U.K.’s article here. Do you think we could see other tours via Nintendo 3DS?  Discuss below!

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