Resident Evil 6 Will Cost Some Of You $1300, Will You Buy It? Check Out The Details

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For some gamers, exclusives and premiums are the norm. And if you’re looking to grab the premium version of the all new Resident Evil 6, get ready to dish out a cool $1300. Maybe now you’re thinking, “This has to be a bundle with the all new PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720!” To that, we’ll tell you NO! However, there are a few goodies you might be interested in.

For starters, the premium edition “includes a leather jacket based on the one worn by series protagonist and snazzy dresser Leon S. Kennedy.” Also, customers will receive “tablet covers featuring artwork of the game’s three male leads — Leon, Chris, and Jake — plus a fourth “secret” design.” Finally, customers will get what we’ve all been waiting on – the actual game.

This is one line I won’t be itching to get in. For some of you however, this might be your cup of tea. However you decide, be sure to let us know your plans for Resident Evil 6.


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