Resident Evil 6 Will Be Around 30 Hours Long

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Resident Evil games have always provided captivating single player experiences, and the latter games have brought several additional game modes to the table once the main story is completed. One thing they could never be accused of having however is a particularly long campaign mode, until now that is.

In an interview with gaming site NowGamer, Game Director Eiichiro Sasaki mentioned an average completion time for Resident Evil 6 that would make several RPG’s jealous, 30 hours all in all. To clarify, that is based on roughly 10 hours per character campaign, with the game focussing on 3 separate playable characters, each of whom experiences a completely different story mode.

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Sasaki said: “In terms of length, each character’s story is a little bit less than Resident Evil 5 but when you combine them together you’re getting something that is much longer. While each character’s story stands alone, all of the characters wind up in the same area of the game, in China, so there is a certain level of overlap. They stand on their own but they do overlap in certain areas. You don’t have to play them all, of course.”

We have a feeling that most of you will indeed play through the entirety of the game, but do you guys think this ‘overlapping’ is a bit of a cheat? I guess that depends on how the play style and enemies etc differ from character to character, for example whether one campaign is more puzzle or scare based than another action-centered scenario. I’m sure we will learn more at E3 regardless.

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