Mark Zuckerberg Initiated And Finalized Facebook’s Instagram Deal In Just Two Days

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According to multiple reports, Mark Zuckerberg was able to pull off the Facebook/Instagram deal in only two days. Some will call it a confident move by a savvy young CEO, while others will say it’s just a hurried youthful blunder. Either way, the deal is done and we’re anxious to see how well Facebook implements Instagram into their culture. But hey, back to deal! What happened?

Here’s how the New York Time puts it,

Mr. Zuckerberg was blunt: Facebook wanted to buy Instagram. Over the next 48 hours, Facebook and Instagram hammered out the details for a $1 billion cash-and-stock deal, the social network’s largest acquisition to date, the people said. By the end of Sunday, the deal was done and announced the following day.

Hook, line, sinker! Questions … comments?

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