Borderlands 2 Possibly Getting A New Class Post Release: Mechromancer

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{Edit: Mechromancer will only be free to those who pre-order the game and she will be available 2-3 months after the game releases}

Not only is a new class something to celebrate but the fact that it is post release, several months after initial launch, DLC that is free.  A great add-on that cost us nothing more. Now that is something we can all be thankful for.

The lanky, robotic armed red-head seems like a pretty interesting new class to bring on board. A robot companion called “Death Trap” would be controlled by her as well as other companions.

Nothing much more than that has been revealed, other than the fact that she is still concept as of now since the team is busy at work on Borderlands 2. At this point, the DLC does not exist and so Gearbox is just kicking around ideas.

What do you think of her? Leave your thoughts in the section below!

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