Pokemon Conquest Arrives Stateside June 18th

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Pokemon Conquest is making its way to the US June 18th. The game takes place in a land called Ransei where 17 castles are waiting to be conquered by warlords and their Pokemon companions. Sound Familiar? That is because in Japan it is called Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition.

The player takes on the role of being a warlord linked to a Pokémon and they must recruit other warrior allies taking over the region. About 200 Pokémon will be featured in this game and players will encounter 6v6 turn based battles. The game is being developed by TECMO KOEI for the Nintendo DS, although it does not support any 3D functions, it can be played with a 3DS.

The art alone is just awesome seeing the warlords with Pokemon. Eevee seems to be a starter as it is pictured with the main boy and girl character. One of my personal favorites is Oichi with Jigglypuff.

Famitsu Magazine gave Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition a 34/40. A translated trailer can be found here showcasing gameplay and the official US Pokemon Conquest site is here

Will you be playing Pokemon Conquest ? What Pokemon would make your best war buddy? Tell us below!

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