Ready For Assassin’s Creed III On PC? Have A Controller?

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Ubisoft’s highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed III has been met with positive responses from fans and newcomers alike. Intriguing new character, a historical setting and a possible wrap up of past speculations. Sounds peachy! Oh yeah, except for the fact that Ubisoft declared that pc players had better use a controller. Now before you get your hidden blade out, is it really a bad thing?  Tons of players say yes and even started a petition.

While I can agree that lack of keyboard support makes one even question a pc launch, I can see where they would want to continue to use the same gameplay format.  I prefer plenty of PC games using my Xbox 360 controller. I personally do not see any Assassin’s Creed as being fun on pc for the simple fact that I enjoy the series on a console and I know and love that layout.

With the upcoming MMO Tera, I prefer using my controller in beta. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim in my entire household is played with controller. So I am not among the masses demanding mouse and keyboard support, but that doesn’t mean I cannot see the simple fact that Ubisoft isn’t investing any real thought in the PC version.

With the PC release date coming well after the console counter-parts’, and now this lack of keyboard support, I can totally understand where a pc gamer would be shaking their head. What seems to be a trend is that PC support is getting pushed further to back burner status as the console generation goes on with lack of features, awful ports, and late release dates.

In today’s gaming world, PC gaming isn’t what it used to be.

Readied your blade? Want to be heard? The petition can be found here.

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Heather Baird
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