Mojang’s Minecraft Has Made $80 Million From Legit Gamers

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Piracy is a rising issue with all gaming in general but no one knows it more that PC developers. They must lose a lot of money right? Maybe… The extremely popular Mojang title Minecraft has just hit $80 million dollars in sales from paid downloads.

Even Markus Persson, (Notch) tweeted that folks who can not afford to buy his game can go ahead and pirate it, after some fuss he made previously, before the game had started to garner such demand. Has such honesty to his fans propelled his success? Who knows, unfortunately the true secret to the success is still a mystery. Well, at least $1 million came from merchandise alone.

YouTube users have found themselves becoming popular internet sensations due to their creations and adventures in Minecraft. This makes the game seem almost like an entertainment medium rather than a game. Such groups usually have YouTube channels where fans can easily look through their tutorials, reviews, and adventures.

What might not be in the future of the franchise? Anything Hollywood backed, unless of course it happens to be the right idea. Which to me is always the perfect formula. In the meantime what we do know is that regardless of paid or free, the game is fun! Minecraft Pocket Edition creation mode available for download on smart phones and tablets saw some success but the much-anticipated Xbox 360 version will be hitting Microsoft’s Arcade Next May 9th. Will the run continue, stay tuned and find out.

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