Grand Theft Auto V Game Details Leak, Map Details, Main Protagonist And More [RUMOR]

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If this latest set of alleged info about Grand Theft Auto V turns out to be true then somebody at Rockstar Games is really pissed right now. The plethora of information apparently comes by way of a guy who says he is friends with another guy who used to be employed at Rockstar but got fired for misconduct (like leaking confidential game info). The actual post has since been removed, but lives on in Google’s awesome cache. We have no idea if any of what we are about to tell you is accurate or not and we must admit that the level of detail for a game that the poster alleges won’t be available until 2013 is somewhat suspicious. This could simply be the musings of a gamer with an incredible imagination taking what we already know and making up conclusions based on what they hope and what seems plausible. Take it all with a grain of salt.

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So first of all this alleged source claims that Grand Theft Auto V will have only one playable character, Albert de Silva, he’s the rich guy we saw in the debut trailer. De Silva was part of a crime faction in Vice City, is half Hispanic and has a son named Kevin, who some would categorize as a “stereotypical CoD player” who is “lazy, useless and shouts racial abuse online” but does admire his father. Unlike protagonist in recent Rockstar games, Albert will not die at the end of the game.

The source goes on to say that the map for Grand Theft Auto V will be five times larger than Grand Theft Auto IV and will be divided into three parts similar to what we have seen in previous games. The city of Los Santos is nearly half of map’s total area. Players will be able to customize a variety of cars, planes and weapons. There will be support for up to 32 players in multiplayer on consoles with PC not having a firm number yet. Players will be able to form gangs which will be ranked not by XP but by reputation and these gangs will have a leader who can oversee and assign tasks to others within the game such as stealing high-tech weaponry from the military or something simple like robbing a laundry.

Lastly, the poster says that even though the Grand Theft Auto V will not debut until May 2013, Rockstar Games will have a playable demo at E3 2012. That isn’t all though, the poster discussed a much more robust “Wanted” system, high-speed chases and how touches like accurate radio reports will all combine to make the city feel alive in a way that no game has before. If you want to read all the juicy details, hit up the link to the Google cache of the page which should be available for the foreseeable future, unless this stuff proves to be accurate and Rockstar forces Google to remove it.

Hit the cache link below to read more; the poster goes into detail on Wanted levels, chases and in-game radio among other snippets. Take any info we have shared with you here or that you read via the link with a high level of suspicion and keep in mind that at this point Rockstar has not released any official details regarding Grand Theft Auto V’s story, features, platforms or release window.

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