Hackers Take Advantage Of Unreleased Content On Street Fighter X Tekken Discs

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As if fighting games aren’t hard enough online, imagine a match starts and you find yourself versus a character you have never seen before. One might ask themselves, is there DLC already? No, there isn’t, just your run of the mill hackers accessing data on the Street Fighter X Tekken disc that they shouldn’t. Capcom is well aware of the situation where hackers are accessing their later to be released 12 characters that are actually on the disc, and were at one point asking the community to post screens or videos of it happening.

Now they are taking it into their own hands and  partnering with Microsoft. Christian Svensson, Senior V.P. of strategic planning and business development at Capcom called out the hackers claiming they were “ballsy” for doing this in a manner that is so blatant.  He also talked about the communication with Microsoft.

“In any event, we already have opened channels of communication with Microsoft on these issues Friday night. If you can capture screens or video of this in action (as some have already) we’re working on bans for boxes and accounts with Microsoft for haxxors.”

Am I the only one that has gained respect for Svensson for being direct with his comments using words like “ballsy” and “haxxors”? Anyway, Capcom did state that the locked away characters were set to be revealed after the PS Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken was released. However my DLC friendly players, in the meantime there will be other DLC for the game, so keep a look out!

How do you feel about DLC that you technically already have and you must pay for it later to unlock? Good move? Money Gouging? Let us know below!

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