House Of The Dead 4 Shoots Its Way To PSN [TRAILER]

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Not without its detractors, the Playstation Move has nonetheless allowed for new types of games to be playable on the PS3. Gesture based sports games, mini-game collections and first person shooters have all benefited from the addition of the magic wand, but possibly the Move’s greatest success has come with what were once known as Light Gun games.

Many examples can be seen, including Dead Space: Extraction, The Shoot and Time Crisis: Razing Storm. The House of the Dead series is also big news on the Move, with Overkill doing pretty well on retail, and the third game in the series dusted with HD powder and released last month, a game I am enjoying blasting through right now as it happens.

Fans of blasting zombies with an orb on top of a stick will be delighted with the news that House of the Dead 4 will be lurching its way menacingly to PSN on April 17th. The big news here of course is that the 4th game in the series never made it to any console following its arcade release, so plenty of gamers will be experiencing it for the first time.

Although still not as ideal as using a light gun to blast through these types of games, the PS Move is a decent second choice and highly preferable to using a controller. I would certainly recommend getting hold of a gun attachment if you plan on playing a lot of shooters with your move though, particularly as even the official one is cheap like a baby chicken.

Costing a bargain-tastic $9.99 (£6.49/€7.99), House of the Dead 4 is big on machine guns like the third game loved shotguns. According to the official Playstation blog, it boasts the following features:

• PlayStation Move compatible

• Multiplayer mode

• Multiple paths

• Ranking and grading system to track your shot accuracy

• Additional levels from The House of the Dead 4 Special

• Bonus unlockable PlayStation Home item

• Original creator interview

• Trophies

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