Sell Your iPad 2 Now Ahead Of The iPad 3’s Launch, Learn From History [CHART]

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The iPad 3 has not even been confirmed to exist yet, but we know better than to believe it’s not right around the corner. And with that said, this is the time to sell (SELL, SELL , SELL) your iPad 2. Everyone has pretty much confirmed that the iPad 3 will launch in March, and that means prices and bids for the iPad 2 will fall dramatically. Now of course this is for those individuals who are looking to upgrade, and not those who hold onto their devices forever.

According to an example by Mashable, “in March 2011, immediately after the announcement unveiling the iPad 2, my colleague Christina Warren and I were able to sell our 32GB iPads on Gazelle for around $550 each. But just hours later, the asking price had dropped to the $300 range.” My iPad would have been sold right now after reading that. But hey, some people need more clarity on the matter, and for those individuals we have a chart. Check it out below.

So what do you think? Sell or hold? It’s pretty clear in my opinion. Either way, let us know what you’re doing!


Via [Mashable]

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