Sony Publishes The Full PlayStation Vita FAQ

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Do you have a burning question about the new Playstation Vita that you can’t seem to find an answer to anywhere? Sony may just have come to your rescue by publishing a detailed FAQ section on their official blog site .

Vita1 550x368

Covering all of the information you need to know in the run up to the launch next week, the FAQ covers everything from battery life through available official accessories and even where the name Vita comes from. The FAQ is a living document, which means that Sony will add to it and amend details as they change so it should always remain relevant if you want to bookmark it for future reference. Unfortunately the one thing that the document doesn’t posses is a crystal ball, so if you want to know whether the Vita will sell like hot cakes, or become Sony’s greatest white elephant yet, you will need to consult a higher power. Michael Pachter, where are you?

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