Google Filed A Patent Back In 2009 For Pull Down Notifications, Yeah Apple That Means A Lawsuit

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Apple did a big number when they released the “Notification Center” in iOS. While some thought it was necessary and long overdue, others quickly called foul. The foul was due in part to Google already having that feature in Android, and Apple once again trying to hop on the bandwagon late and make what they call “revolutionary” and “new” features. But as many have already pointed out, the days of innovating and improving on features are over. While Apple has started a lot of these disputes, it appears now that a legitimate patent case will be made against them.

Back in 2009, Google applied for a patent on their notification pull down feature. The pending application’s description is as follows:

“A computer-implemented user notification method includes displaying, in a status area near a perimeter of a graphical interface, a notification of a recent alert event for a mobile device, receiving a user selection in the status area, and in response to the receipt of the user selection, displaying, in a central zone of the graphical interface, detail regarding a plurality of recent messaging events for the mobile device.”

Will Google go after Apple with this patent? We certainly think so! Why not? But is this really what’s best for the consumer. Let us know!

Source [Google] Via [Phandroid]

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