Overwatch Map Hits Modern Warfare 3 Next Week, Check The Trailer [VIDEO]

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It’s almost time for Call Of Duty: ELITE Drop 3,”Overwatch.” Overwatch is a multi-floor-frag-fest 70 stories up, it’s just what you need to cure that V-Day hangover. Premium Call of Duty ELITE members receive new Call of Duty: MW3 content every month of the season for their platform for 9 months. Overwatch, the new Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer map, is available February 21st on Xbox Live for Call of Duty ELITE Premium members. PS3 players on the other hand are just about to get their hands on the first content drop (Piazza and Liberation maps) in a few weeks.

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I have said it before and I will say it again until Activision cancels this nonsense, timed DLC for the biggest cross-platform game on the planet is a bunch of you know what.

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