Hardware Is The Biggest Reason For Your Android Updates Taking Forever, Motorola Executive Explains

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The vast majority of consumers and Android enthusiasts point at custom user interfaces as the driving factor behind Android update delays. MotoBlur, TouchWiz, and HTC Sense have all taking the heat for the slow updates and delays, but are they really the reason behind this growing pain? According to Christy Wyatt, senior vice president and general manager of Motorola’s Enterprise Business Unit, the majority of this can be blamed on hardware. Here’s how she puts it:


“When Google does a release of the software … they do a version of the software for whatever phone they just shipped,” she said. “The rest of the ecosystem doesn’t see it until you see it. Hardware is by far the long pole in the tent, with multiple chipsets and multiple radio bands for multiple countries. It’s a big machine to churn.”

Motorola understands that consumers want their Android upgrades sooner, but the process is complicated, she said. First there’s hardware support, then the layering in of custom software from manufacturers like Motorola, and finally, phones must be re-certified by carriers, taking more time.

Whatever the case may be, everyone understands that customers want updates and they want them fast. It’s no secret that Motorola is one of the best in this area. Wyatt adds that “More than once we’ve come out as the fastest to get to market with an upgrade.”

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