NBA 2K12 PS3 Start Up Issues, Game Not Loading? Here’s The Temporary Workaround

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Another not so great NBA 2K12 moment but at least there is a fix that seems to work for this one most of the time. It’s funny I actually experienced this issue myself a few weeks ago and after it happening a few times I figured this out on my own but I’m an IT guy so I like to troubleshoot. If you aren’t in the business of fixing these kinds of issues for a living like me, then have no fear we have the workaround for it right here.

The issue presents itself as soon as you boot the game up, where it would normally load up all your settings, NBA Today, Living Rosters, etc. If you are affected by this issue the issue is actually quite simple if not frustrating. All you have to do is delete your game data file (Not your Association or My Player files) and you should be able to reboot the game and have it load properly. The developers are aware of this and are supposedly working on a fix but there is no ETA on that at this time. This is what I did personally and we have had several additional reports that this gets the job done. At this point, the issue doesn’t seem to be affecting the Xbox 360 version of the game.

The exact steps you need to follow are:

  1. Go to your PS3 dashboard
  2. Scroll up to the Game Data Utility folder which is in the same section you load the game
  3. Scroll to the  NBA 2K12 folder
  4. From there, there should be two NBA 2K12 files, one that is called “Additional Data” and another unnamed NBA 2K12 file. Delete both of those files and then try to launch the game again and you should be good to go.

If you try this and you are still having the issue (which would suck), the devs would want to know these things:

  • If the user deletes the Game Data file and successfully gets into the game are they able to reboot and still successfully get into the game?
  • What EXACTLY is on screen when the game crashes?
  • What save files do you have on your console?
  • Do you use the cloud save device?
  • If you delete your Online Data file and are able to get past the crash, please reboot again and see if you are able to get through on the second boot up.
  • Your TIME Zone
  • Who is experiencing this to report the space on their HDD? They can find this in Settings -> System Settings -> System Information. We are interested in the “free space” line.

They want you to post that info over on the official NBA 2K12 Forums here. On a side note, the devs have said don’t worry you will get your shoes back.

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