Lumines Electronic Symphony Track List

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Lumines is one of the few puzzle titles aside from Tetris I can really get into, and I certainly enjoyed the two outings on PSP. Good news then, that Lumines Electronic Symphony is on track to be a PlayStation Vita launch day release. Joining an impressive list of launch day titles, Lumines certainly fills the gap for something a bit more cerebral than Uncharted or Wipeout.

Music has always been an integral part of the series, as the core of the game is arranging blocks in time with the track that’s playing in the background, so that in effect you are ‘in sync’ with the music. Bearing that in mind, the track list for Lumines Electronic Symphony may just be the best yet.

OK so we have already established that I’m not exactly up on the latest musical trends, but I do like my 90’s dance, and there are certainly enough tracks here that I recognize and can look forward to puzzling alongside. Here is the full list for you:

• “4 AM” – Kaskade

• “Aganju” – Bebel Gilberto

• “Always Loved A Film” – Underworld

• “Apollo Throwdown” – The Go! Team

• “Automatons” – Anything Box

• “Autumn Love” – SCSI-9

• “Bang Bang Bang” – Mark Ronson & The Business

• “Celebrate Our Love” – Howard Jones

• “Close (To The Edit)” – Art of Noise

• “Disco Infiltrator” – LCD Soundsystem

• “Dissolve” – The Chemical Brothers

• “Embracing The Future” – B.T.

• “Flyin’ Hi” – Faithless

• “Good Girl” – Benny Benassi

• “Gouryella” – Gouryella

• “Hey Boy Hey Girl” – The Chemical Brothers

• “Higher State of Consciousness” – Wink

• “In My Arms” – Mylo

• “Kelly Watch The Stars” – Air

• “Moistly” – LFO

• “Out Of The Blue” – System F

• “Pacific 707″ – 808 State

• “Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)” – Safri Duo

• “Rocket (Tiesto Remix)” – Goldfrapp

• “Sunriser (Publicmind Remix)” – Ken Ishii

• “Superstar” – Aeroplane

• “The Future of the Future (Stay Gold)” – Deep Dish

• “The Sun Rising” – The Beloved

• “What’s Your Number” – Ian Pooley

• “Windowlicker” – Aphex Twin

• ”Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony” – Wolfgang Gartner

• “Wooden Toy” – Amon Tobin

• “Yesterday When I Was Mad (Jam & Spoon Mix)” – Pet Shop Boys

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