UFC Undisputed 3 DLC Plans Get Detailed

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DLC for UFC Undisputed 3 was almost a foregone conclusion and we have known that there would be some for quite a while, we just didn’t know exactly what it would be. We know have some general details about what will be included and roughly when we can expect them. We don’t get to know exactly what fighters will be in each pack but based on who was left out of the game’s final roster we can make some assumptions. Check out the outline below.


  • ALL UNLOCKABLES – Unlock over 150 attires and nicknames for instant use! (Available Day 1)
  • ALISTAIR OVEREEM – Available for the first time in the Undisputed™ franchise! (Available Day 1)
  • FIGHTER PACK: FIGHT OF THE NIGHT PACK – A collection of fighters who’ve stolen the show on UFC Pay Per Views! (Available March 2012)
  • ULTIMATE FIGHTS: ULTIMATE UPSETS PACK – The unpredictability of the UFC is the focus of this Ultimate Fights collection. Relive some of the most surprising outcomes in the Upsets Pack! (Available March 2012)
  • FIGHTER PACK: INTERNATIONAL PACK – A set of UFC’s best fighters from every corner of the globe! (Available April 2012)
  • ULTIMATE FIGHTS: MIXED BAG PACK – Download this bundle for a collection of some of UFC’s most memorable fights! (Available April 2012)

We didn’t get any specific pricing on these either but THQ has gone on record that the DLC represented “over $20 value”, so make of that what you will. They have also stated that if you buy the game from their official website, you will get the DLC free. If you purchase it from some other retailer then you will have the option to buy the DLC individually or through a yet to be detailed “Season Pass”. I would caution folks about taking the THQ deal though, the company isn’t a traditional retailer and thus their supply and delivery chains aren’t as robust. They offered something similar for WWE 12’ and let’s just say that folks were waiting until weeks after release to receive their game. They have no delivery guarantee, so if you have a backlog and don’t mind possibly not getting the game on release day but would like the DLC free then go for it, otherwise I would recommend hitting up Gamestop (4 exclusive fighters) or Amazon ($10 promotional credit).

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