Microsoft Will Phase Out Microsoft Points By End Of Year, Good Move Or Bad Move? [RUMOR]

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According to a report by Inside Mobile Apps, Microsoft will phase out its “Microsoft Points” system in favor of real currency by the end of the year. The move will affect Xbox Live, Windows Phone and Zune Marketplace. The made up virtual currency will be replaced by actual monetary transactions adjusted for regional pricing, more similar to what we see already on PSN and Apple’s App Store. Developers are reportedly being briefed on the change now so they can make changes to any upcoming DLC. The move should simplify things for Microsoft since they currently use a hybrid method where they use points for DLC but actual cash pricing for full games.

Microsoft has taken some heat in the past for how games are priced using their virtual currency, with some customers feeling that it was confusing and since you have to buy them in packs they ended up buying more than they really needed. On the other hand, there are those folks that loved Microsoft Points and said that for some reason it was easier to buy 1200 Microsoft Points than to spend whatever the cash equivalent was.

As with anything, there are two sides to the fight, which side are you on? Do you like Microsoft Points or do you hate them and think they are the bane of your existence? Hit up the comment section and let us know how you feel about this move.
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