Not Buying The iPhone 5, iPad 3, And Don’t Have The iPhone 4S, You Can Still Use Siri’s Twin … Meet Evi [VIDEO]

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Let’s be honest. A lot of us will not buy the iPhone 5 or iPad 3. And in that same number, a lot of us do not own the iPhone 4S, which is the only device with Siri (officially). With that said, it’s understandable that a lot of users would like to have Siri, the personal assistant like application which has given way to failed imitators. However, there is a new kid on the block. Stepping in the ring is Evi. Evi is perhaps the closest thing to Siri we have seen so far.Additionally, the app is available in the Android Market (free) and App Store ($0.99).

Now we all expect Siri to come on Apple’s next devices (iPhone 5 and iPad 3), but are unsure of its’ compatibility with devices prior to the iPhone 4S and Apple’s willingness to make it available. As far as Android devices go, it’s just good to have the technology at this level.

So what’s all of this about Evi? According to TechCrunch, “Evi has an ontology of tens of thousands of classes into which everything that can be talked about falls. She also knows almost a billion ‘facts’ (machine understandable bits of knowledge) and, says True Knowledge, she can infer trillions more when needed. She also integrates lots of other sources, such as Yelp for local searches, external mobile friendly websites, APIs, traditional search etc.”

And for those wondering about the price difference, the $0.99 for iOS users actually covers “the licensing of Nuance’s voice recognition technology and True Knowledge’s engine”, which is not in the Android version.

So if you’re not anticipating a new device with Siri, this might be a great pickup. If you decide to get it, let us know how it performs. Also, check out the video of Evi and let us know what you think!

via [9to5Mac]

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