NBA 2K12 My Player Mode Has Simply Failed To Live Up To Expectations, Still Too Many Bugs

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NBA 2K12 was supposed to the be the game that solidified 2K Sports grasp as the makers of the definitive basketball simulation to own. With the masterpiece that was NBA 2K11, none of us had any reason to think otherwise. NBA 2K12 dropped under some unique and admittedly challenging conditions for the developers. At that point, the NBA was still locked out and they were forced to release a game with last year’s rosters, there had been no rookie signings and no free agent movement. They tried to compensate for this by adding Legend’s mode and several other tweaks but ultimately it just didn’t work. With the high probability that the NBA season would still be locked out when the game dropped, to me it would have made a lot of sense to spend the majority of time on streamlining core gameplay mechanics and amping up the increasingly popular My Player mode. That’s what I think they should have done, but they didn’t and players have had to suffer.

My Player Mode Issues

It’s easy to start here because this is where a lot of the complaints and major bugs have occurred. The two biggest issues have to do with bugs that cause the game to freeze and it essentially becomes unplayable. In the first variation, the game will freeze after a player wins the NBA Championship, it should go to the after game press conference but it doesn’t. Instead it just hangs and no matter how many times you replay the game, the same issue occurs. There is a workaround to this bug that has proven to be successful for several people, but yet in still not for others. 2K supposedly put out a patch for this bug but we still have people commenting almost daily on previous post that they are still experiencing the issue. In the second variation, the game will freeze after halftime and to date I know of no workaround for this bug. We have also heard reports of this happening on the iOS version of the game as well.

Then there is the NBA 2K12 bug with your signature shoe that shows you holding nothing but air on the billboard, as far as I know there is no fix for this one either. A lot of people may say that is a small thing but if you have played all the games to get to that point, then trust me its a big deal. What amazes me is 2K Sports’ lack of urgency about this matter, they just seem to be ignoring it really after they put out the patch that they said fixed it. Obviously the patch didn’t work as expected if people are still having these same two problems, its one thing for a game to have a glitch that is annoying, it’s another to have a glitch that makes it unplayable.

Then there is the issue of the poor shooting by your My Player, I mean to the point where they can’t even make basic layups consistently. It really doesn’t matter how good your player is, for some reason they just can’t seem to make a layup or jumpshot on a regular basis. I made this very basic point in a post I wrote a few months ago and that was this, if you are good enough to make it to the NBA, you should be good enough to make a wide open layup 9 out of 10 times. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case in NBA 2K12 My Player mode.

And don’t even get me started on the ridiculous trade logic that has teams making trades that they would NEVER make and at a breakneck pace. By game 10 of your career, you won’t even recognize your team. The patch reduced this to a degree, but we still get constant emails and comments about it.

Other stuff

With so much going against them, you would think that 2K Sports would be breaking their neck to make sure everything else is on point but they haven’t. Just look at the snail’s pace that they have delivered roster updates at, I mean all those guys are sports fans and they know that a lot of folks like to wait for “complete rosters” before starting an association or My Player. I could elaborate on this but fellow gaming journalist PastaPadre has more than said enough about it here and here.

Now before anyone goes off and bashes me, first read this and this (in particular the comments). Next, understand that I am a 2K Sports fans, just read my review of NBA 2K11 and NBA 2K10. I honestly thought that with NBA LIVE/Elite not dropping this year that it provided an opening for 2K to pick up a whole lot of new players and lock down the market. Sad to say that they just didn’t, the failed to full exploit this opportunity and I think that some day soon they might regret that.

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