Max Payne 3 Design and Technology Video Series: Targeting and Weapons [VIDEO]

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MaxPayne3 Targeting and Weapons 533x300

In part two of Rockstar Games’ Design and Technology series dives into Max’s targeting, weapons, and tactical movement, explaining how each of these systems works to create a totally seamless and believable cinematic experience. Through advancements in physics technology and animation, developer Rockstar Studios is able to capture the precision targeting of a first-person shooter and retain the strong characterization and story elements intrinsic to a third-person perspective. This same technology provides a greater sense of realism to all of Max’s actions and reactions, allowing the character to adjust naturally to the on-screen position of the reticule, even while in a prone state. Thanks to these gameplay innovations, players will enjoy total control over Max’s movements and actions – paired with fluid and precise targeting – at all times. Enough talking, let’s check out the trailer.

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