Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus With 4G LTE And Improved Specs Shown Off In Leaked Ad [GALLERY]

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While Sprint may have preferred a more formal announcement at CES 2012 or some other platform, we can’t say this is bad news. Earlier today, leaked ads appeared online which showed off the all new Galaxy Nexus headed for Sprint. While most of us are familiar with the device, it should be noted that this Galaxy Nexus actually has a slight upgrade over its’ kin at Verizon Wireless. As evident in the leaked ads, Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus will have a 1.5GHz dual-core processor instead of the 1.2GHz processor found in the current models.

Hopefully, we’ll get an official announcement at CES 2012. After all, Sprint did announce that four cities (Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio) would be receiving 4G LTE service by mid-2012. What better device to launch than the Galaxy Nexus in conjunction with that announcement?

And for those who would like to have a look at the recently pulled ad, check out the gallery below! How many of you are waiting on this device?

Via [TheVerge]

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