Behold The Track List For MLB 12: The Show

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So the holiday period is over and done with. Football, Hockey and Basketball will all soon be but a figment of a winter memory, to be replaced by the hazy summer days of Baseball. And what better way to celebrate the rapidly approaching change in the season than by hearing what the latest MLB: The Show will offer our ever grateful ears!

Not being a hip and with it young thing, these bands mean absolutely nothing to me. Hopefully those of you born after the creaking 1970’s will recognise a few and their inclusion will rock your tiny world. Without further ado, here is the full list:

“Gold on the Ceiling”

Performed by The Black Keys

“Zed and Two Naughts”

Performed by The Mars Volta

“New Lands”

Performed by Justice

“Into the Sun”

Performed by The Parlor Mob

“Devil Is a Lady”

Performed by The Chain Gang of 1974

“No Love”

Performed by Hooray for Earth

“Learn My Lesson”

Performed by The Sheepdogs

“Struck Dumb”

Performed by The Futureheads

“U Got the Look”

Performed by JEFF the Brotherhood

“She’s Enough”

Performed by Atmosphere

Of course if these killer tracks aren’t a good enough reason to invest in MLB 12: The Show, try full PS Move support, or just the fact that it seems like a comprehensive update to arguably the best sports title on the market. Yeah that ought to do.


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