Google Acquires More Patents From IBM, ‘Computer Phone’ Patent Catches Eye

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Google is continuing its’ mission of patent acquisitions. Today it’s been revealed that the search giant has obtained an additional 188 granted patents and 29 published pending patents from IBM. These include patents named “blade servers, data caching, server load balancing, instant messaging applications, video conferencing, and a whole lot more.” Most notably is a patent named “Computer Phone.” Here’s how that abstract reads,

A computer integrated cordless phone. The phone can include a cordless handset transceiver configured for coupling to an antenna shared with a wireless network adapter through a multiplexer/demultiplexer so that both of the cordless handset transceiver and the wireless network adapter transmit and receive data within a common wireless frequency spectrum. In a preferred embodiment, the cordless handset transceiver can include a further configuration for coupling to a central processing unit, audio processing circuitry and power supply within a computing device shared with the wireless network adapter. Notably, the common wireless frequency spectrum can include the ISM frequency band.

Whatever fits right? Hopefully, this all helps prevent further suits against Google and its’ partners from Microsoft and Apple. At least that’s my opinion! What’s yours?

Via [SlashGear]

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