What Are Your Twitter Followers Worth? Company Sues Former Employee The Value Of 17,000 Followers

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PhoneDog is suing their former employee, Noah Kravitz, $340,000. While it’s not too uncommon to hear about companies suing former employees (vice versa), the reason behind this suit is due to Kravitz’s Twitter followers. That’s right, his former company has valued the followers he kept after he left, and wants to get paid for it.

So how does that $340,000 break out, or why that amount? Well, it’s simple. Each follower is valued at $2.50. Over an eight month period, you guessed it … $340,000. We can’t be sure how they came up with $2.50, but it does show you the advertising power Twitter has.

And as far as his defense goes, Kravitz has reportedly told the New York Times, that his former company said he could keep his followers as long as he Tweeted about the company.

So what do you think about this? Moreover, what are your Twitter followers worth to you or your company? Let us know!


Via [Mashable]

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