Apple To Launch The iPad 3 On February 24th, Steve Jobs Birthday … Would They Really?

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Suppliers and partners of Apple are gearing up for a major release this February. To be exact, suppliers and partners are readying themselves for the iPad 3’s release on February 24th, which is Steve Jobs birthday. Additionally, it’s been reported that Foxconn has asked its’ employees to work through the Lunar New Year holiday to ease the production strain of the 9.5 million to 9.7 million units that is expected to be ready for launch.

While this is only a rumor and more than likely false, we have to ask would Apple actually do this. Yes, I see the appeal and that makes me think it’s actually possible. However, I just don’t know how Jobs supporters and perhaps his family would take this – though I expect some type of permission from the family before it’s ever done.

At the very least, this makes a great debate. So tell us, what do you think?

Via [BGR]

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