Top Reasons Why You Were Friended Or Unfriended On Facebook

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Have you ever wondered why someone decided to send you a friend request on Facebook? Or why you are no longer friends with that particular person who you knew was on your friends list? Thanks to a recent research by NM Incite, those questions and others can now be answered … sort of.

So what were some of those things you ask? As far as friend requests go, the majority of users, 82%, actually know the person in real life, 60% of users send out requests based off of mutual friends, and surprisingly, 11% of users actually send out request as a form of networking. But that’s not the end of that list. You have users who add friends based off of physical attractiveness, to increase their friend count, just because they add everyone, pictures, and even the number of friends that person has.

On the other side of that are the reasons you are unfriended. 55% of users remove friends because of “offensive comments”, 41% because they really don’t know you that well, 39% because you were trying to sell them something, and 23% because of depressing comments. The list rounds out with: Lack of interaction, political comments, breakup/divorce, don’t like their friends, update profile too often, they add too many people, and they don’t update enough.

All in all, I think these are exactly on point. I found myself and some friends of mine in the bunch on multiple reasons. What about you? For more numbers and percentages, check out the results below. Surely you’ll find yourself in more than one. Let us know!

Via [Mashable]

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