Prototype 2 Shows You How To Hunt.Kill.Become [TRAILER]

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We just got our hands on video a new developer diary for Prototype 2 available called “Hunt. Kill. Become”. The team at Radical Entertainment dives into the functionality and details behind Prototype 2 ‘s new hunting gameplay mechanic. In Prototype 2, Sgt. James Heller can hunt down key Blackwatch and Gentek (the scientific arm of Blackwatch) personnel, consume them, obtain their memories, and drive the game’s side mission content forward. As I have said before, I absolutely loved the first Prototype and this one looks to be even more outrageous and fun than the last one.

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Heller uncovers whom these targets are by accessing Black.Net – Blackwatch/Gentek’s top-secret encrypted data network used to share information in the field – via disguising himself as a Blackwatch soldier or Gentek scientist and hacking into their mobile satellite trucks stationed throughout New York Zero (NYZ). As Heller searches through Black.Net he uncovers case files regarding specific operations that Blackwatch/Gentek are working on throughout the city. Once Heller hunts down and consumes all the targets in a specific case file, he destroys and shuts down that particular operation.

Players are rewarded for shutting down these Blackwatch/Gentek operations with something else new to Prototype 2 called Mutations – specific upgrades allowing them to customize Heller’s powers and abilities to their liking. Heller ‘hunts’ down his targets by sending a pulse out into the game’s New York Zero open-world setting – think of this like a submarine sonar pulse. The pulse goes out into the environment, and once the pulse hits the target, it bounces back allowing Heller to hone in on the subject – typically leading to a gruesome ending for the target that PROTOTYPE fans are sure to enjoy. That works for us, in fact we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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