NBA 2K12 Wins Best Team Sports Game At VGA’s, Why It Shouldn’t Have

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Last night was an awesome night for those of us who work in the video game industry and an especially great night for all the developers who put so much time and effort into all the awesome games we play. Not all the awards made the show though, so Spike sent out a full list of winners shortly after the live show was over. There were no real surprises, but one award did get my attention. NBA 2K12 took home the honors for “Best Team Sports Game” and to be honest I am floored at how that could have happened. I have been a huge fan of the NBA 2K franchise for years but this year’s game didn’t deserve to win. The game has lots of major flaws and 2K Sports hasn’t been in much of a rush to fix any of them. Now of course that will probably change now that the NBA season is about to start but up until now they have pretty much turned a blind eye to several major issues.

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I can’t believe that several months after the game released, I still have people commenting on post on this site everyday about how the game either freezes at halftime or at some point during the game in My Player Mode. The tough part about this one is that there is no workaround for this one. The other big issue that the game suffers from a bug that causes the game to freeze up if the player is successful in winning the championship in My Player mode. After the game is over, it should go to the post game interview but it doesn’t, it just hangs and no matter how many times the player wins the game it will always do the same thing. People are actually returning the game multiple times thinking the game disc they had is flawed vice an actual bug in the game. Now on the bright side, there appears to be a workaround for this that seems to work about 85% of the time. These are two game crippling bugs that months after release have yet to be fixed. And don’t get me started on the ridiculous trade logic that occurs in My Player mode, you won’t even recognize your team after a few games which kills any chemistry you might be building and ultimately makes the game less satisfying to play.

The majority of these issues have to do with My Player mode since the regular Association mode was all but worthless with no rookies and last year’s rosters. It probably has bugs too but since players haven’t been spending a lot of time on it they probably haven’t been discovered yet. As a NBA 2K fan it hurts me to say this but NBA 2K12 did NOT deserve to win that award, they should have given it to FIFA 12 or even Madden 12. Both of those games had their flaws, but neither had such game crippling bugs that I am aware of.

Somebody fell asleep at the wheel on this one, bottom line is that as it stands NBA 2K12 just doesn’t deserve it.

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