Learn Everything About The Samsung Galaxy Nexus On Verizon Wireless, Download The User Guide Now

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Hey we know you’re anxious to get your hands on Verizon Wireless’ first Nexus device, the Galaxy Nexus. Hopefully that wait isn’t too much longer and the “almost” official December 9th launch date remains intact. That said, why not learn as much about the device as possible? Yeah we know Verizon does not want you using Google Wallet, but what else?

Fortunately, the user guide is available for you to go through and get most of your questions answered. It’s sort of long, but what else do you have to do before the official launch date?

So for those wanting to get a little more acquainted with the Galaxy Nexus, click on the link below and grab the download.

Galaxy Nexus User Guide Download

Via [Droid-Life]

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