What’s Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Best And Most Dominating Custom Class?

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So as you all may or may not know, we are HUGE Call Of Duty players here at ZoKnowsGaming and we spend tons of time on the game. We often times play together and we always argue about discuss what we think are the best gameplay strategies. There are multiple components to those strategies but the one I want to focus on in this post is the configuration of your custom classes. In a tough firefight or a close encounter, your class build-out can be the difference between surviving and waiting to respawn while the other guys racks up his killstreak.

The real truth though is that the most dominating custom class in Modern Warfare 3 really depends on your playstyle. I know dominating players of every type, I know a lot of folks who love to run and gun and are good as hell at it. I know other guys that play steady and deliberate and further still I know folks who like to snipe. And yes, there are actually snipers who aren’t campers, not many but a few. Since we know that players dominate with multiple different class setups, we want to hear about your favorite and most effective custom classes. This used to be one of the players most tightly guarded secrets but with Call Of Duty Elite, all you need is a players PSN ID or Gamertag and you can see tons of info about them including their custom class setup so there is really no point being secretive about it anymore.

I know my wingman Travis won’t be happy about me sharing one of our favorite and most effective classes with everyone but I won’t tell him if you don’t. Here’s one of our run and gun style classes, perfect for a map like Dome or Hardhat where the action is fast and furious and tends to clump up around a few major areas.

Primary: SCAR-L

Why we like it: The SCAR-L is accurate, lightweight, and deals some of the highest damage in the assault rifle class.It doesn’t have the fastest rate of fire so if you get up close you could be in trouble. You will want to pair this with “Attachments” proficiency once you have it, since honestly I think it’s the proficiency that gives you the most flexibility by allowing you to have two attachments. We like to then use Extended Mags and the Shotgun attachments in this class for that extra bit of firepower and kick.

Secondary: When it comes to the secondary weapon on Modern Warfare 3, lots of people over look it but as we all know it’s easier to just equip you secondary than to reload your primary. It takes a little while to become natural but once you do it will save your but now and then. For secondary, there are a lot of argument for going with either a machine pistol or a handgun, but to me they honestly don’t provide enough kick for me in this class. In this class, we equip a Launcher for maximum aggression. The only downside to this strategy is that until you reach level 80, you won’t be able to equip the most versatile and deadly launcher which is the RPG. Until then, most of the early ones that become available aren’t free aim and most directly target aircraft. While this would turn a lot of folks off, shooting down attack helicopters, UAV’s and other stuff can’t get you some serious points and achievements.

 Lethal: When it comes to these it seems to really just be a matter of player preference but for my money in this configuration I like to use the Frag grenades. In the heat of battle on tight maps, we tend to think that all the other options are just to slow.

Tactical: There are actually a lot of good options here but for our money and the playstyle we use with this class there is no better choice than the Flash grenade. These babies will blind and disorient your enemies and let you come in and wipe them out. Now the downside to this is that often times you blind yourself if you are too close, but used in conjuction with a perk like Blast Shield and its one more way you can keep your enemies on the run and off their game.

Tip: I tend to use my grenades of both types early, throwing them in places where I think enemies might be. People often ask me what the hell am I doing just throwing grenades in what seems to be a random manner. My strategy here is that most times if you get up close its to late to throw one and the bottom line is that you die with grenades then you have pretty much wasted any chance at getting kills with them. So start throwing those babies as soon as the match starts and soon after you respawn, otherwise if you die then you just died with potential points and achievements strapped around your waist.

Perk 1: Depending on your playstyle your choice could be different here, but in a run and gun style setup like this your best bet is Extreme Conditioning. You can sprint longer which allows you to get to objectives faster than your opponents. It also helps when you have your enemy on the run and you need to close distance on them fast.

Perk 2: In this set there are again a lot of good perks, but we tend to like Blast Shield  or Quick Draw here, either one gives you a tactical advantage in a lot of situations where the quarters are close and grenades tend to be flying everywhere.

Perk 3: In this final set of perks, it again really comes down to preference but we like Steady Aim or SITREP here a lot. Steady Aim gives us that accuracy boost we need if we come up on a group quick, while SITREP gives you the situational awareness that you need to crush the opposition.

juggernaut-modern-warfare-3Strike Package: There has been a lot of debate going back and forth in the community on these. After lots of playing our conclusion is that if you are a player with a very high K/D ratio, then Assault will obviously give you the most bang for your buck. The truth is that of the total number of players, these aren’t the majority of players. With that being said, most of the time it will be more advantageous to use either Support or Specialist. While the majority of the Support chain is passive, if you get a decent amount of kills per game you can quickly bring in some decent offensive options such as remote sentry, stealth bomber, juggernaut recon and escort airdrop to quickly turn the tide of battle.

Death Streak: Honestly, any of these are good but for dramatic effect we tend to like Dead Man’s Hand. It’s almost the same as Martyrdom but gives you control on that last moment.

Alright folks, that’s it. We have shared with you one of our most effective custom classes that is great for run and gun style play. Now we want to hear from you, hit up the comments and let us know what your best and most dominating custom class looks like and why you like it so much.

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