Google Timeline, ‘The Evolution Of Search’ … What Will The Future Be Like? [VIDEO]

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Recently it seems as if Google has been a bit more forthcoming with “Search” – and we like it. Earlier in the year we saw some of the things that happen behind the scenes (i.e. over 500 improvements each year), and today we are taken through the past to what the future holds for Google Search.

Our goal is to get you to the answer you’re looking for faster and faster, creating a nearly seamless connection between your questions and the information you seek. That means you don’t generally need to know about the latest search feature in order to take advantage of it— simply type into the box as usual and find the answers you’re looking for.

Now we want spoiled the entire video for you, but we will give you the highlighted points as offered by Google on the evolution of Search and what to expect in the future:

  • Universal Results: With Universal Search—which returns results like images, videos, and news, in addition to webpages—we’re helping you find all different kinds of information in the same place. We’ve continued to make search more comprehensive, enabling you to find products, places, patents, books, maps and more.
  • Quick Answers: Today on Google you’ll find more than just a list of links to websites. You’ll find Quick Answers at the top of the page for a wide variety of topics, including flight times, sports scores, weather and dozens more. As our technology gets better, we’re beginning to answer harder questions for you, right on the search results page.
  • The Future of Search: We’ve also been focused on developing faster ways to search and save time, whether we’re shaving seconds off searches with Google Instant or helping you search from your phone with Voice Search. Searching should be as easy as thinking, and the future looks bright!

Pretty cool to say the least. So head on down and check out the video and timeline, then let us know what you think!

Source [Google Blog]

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