European PlayStation Vita Launch Titles Announced – Motorstorm Amongst Them

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We seem to be hearing more from Sony about Vita launch plans for Europe than for the USA. The first hardware box to be shown was from the European Vita, then recently we heard concrete plans for pre-order bonuses and about partners for 3G data. The latest news to come from here in (cold and miserable!) Blighty, is nothing less than official confirmation of the first party launch titles for the February 22nd release date, oh and a couple of new games into the bargain!

On Tuesday an event was held in London to show off some of the near-completed games to an eagerly awaiting collection of journalists and lucky gamers. No, we weren’t invited, but we won’t hold that against Sony. Particularly as the launch line-up for the Vita is looking better by the day. Here is the officially confirmed list of first party games launching with the Vita:

• Uncharted: Golden Abyss

• WipEout 2048

• Reality Fighters

• Little Deviants

• ModNation Racers: Road Trip

• Everybody’s Golf

• Escape Plan

• Unit 13

• Hustle Kings

• MotorStorm RC

• Top Darts

No news yet on which of those are download-only, cheaper titles, but my money would be on the bottom three, particularly as we haven’t seen box art for those games.

You may well have noticed two new names on that list, you eagle-eyed devils you. Well, your peepers don’t deceive you, as both of them were also officially announced on Tuesday.

Unit 13 is a squad based FPS by the makers of SOCOM, Zipper Interactive, which promises to be perhaps the first must-play online experience for Vita. It has been promised for the launch ‘window’, which going by Nintendo’s precedent could be anything up to six months after the February launch date.

The other new title is Motorstorm RC, which is an interesting take on the racing series. This time you control, you guessed it, radio control cars, racing around miniature versions of Evolutions Studio’s famous tracks and locations. The control scheme uses the left thumbstick on the Vita to control the accelerator and brake, just like a real RC vehicle, although you do have the option to revert to a more traditional scheme if you wish.

The best thing about this announcement is that the game will also be released as a PSN download for PS3. Great I hear you cry, so now I have to decide which to get or pay through the nose. Hold your proverbials though, because this is the first title to use the ‘pay once, get both’ scheme. Meaning you just pay the one download price and you can share the game between your home console and your shiny new handheld. Genius. A cloud save system and online leaderboards should also make for seamless integration.

This title has jumped straight to my must-own list for the Vita, check it out yourselves below and let us know what you think. Also tell us which titles above will be on your day one shopping list.

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