PlayStation 3 Turns Five Today, Time Sure Flies

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Join us in wishing the PlayStation 3 a happy 5th birthday. Five years ago today the PlayStation 3 launched in the United States. To mark the big day Sony asked an army of industry-leading game developers to share their top three “must play” PS3 games. The result is a a definitive list of PS3 games by some of the best game designers in the business. There are a lot of games that make this list, though you may be surprised that of all the games, Heavy Rain makes just about everybody’s list. Heavy Rain is still one of our favorite games and still stands as one of the most ambitious and creative games that we have ever played.

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There were several other PS3 favorites on their list too including God of War III, the UNCHARTED series, LittleBigPlanet, Fallout 3, and Portal 2 also enjoyed plenty of attention. If you have some time, hop on over to the PlayStation Blog and check out what guys like David Cage and Cliffy B had to say.

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