Fight Night Champion Customizable Announced, EA Gets It Right With This One

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This is an interesting concept that EA seems to be pioneering, I really can’t remember anybody else doing it before. They have essentially deconstructed the most recent installment in the Fight Night series, Fight Night Champion. This is a very novel concept, essentially only buying the parts of the game you want. EA has announced Fight Night Champion Customizable, available later today exclusively on PSN starting at $4.99. So for $5, you can experience the full story mode from Fight Night Champion, it was very good and we would call this a great deal. Champion Mode allows players to step into the shoes of Andre Bishop, an up-and-coming middleweight contender who learns that the road to becoming a champion in professional boxing is one that is filled with unimaginable highs and brutal lows. Champion Mode tells a story of redemption and perseverance in one of the toughest sports ever imagined. We really enjoyed the mode when we reviewed it a while back and we think this could really be the start of something. To make this even better, you can also buy other modes of the game a la carte after purchasing Champion Mode. You can also purchase the full game through digital download for $29.99 Hopefully other publishers take a cue from EA on this one and this becomes a common occurrence.

This is all very new in terms of how it will all work so we have the FAQ provided by EA, check it out below.

Additional game modes available for purchase within Fight Night in-game store (after purchasing Champion Mode):

• Fight Now – $5.00

• Legacy Mode and Boxer Share – $10.00

• Online Play – $10.00

2. It does not support PS Move and there are no plans yet.

How does the customizable download work?

Fans have the opportunity to purchase Champion Mode, downloading it via PSN as a standalone game and experience one of the richest narratives in sports gaming. Users can then customize their experience within the Fight Night Champion in-game store by subsequently purchasing any of the following modes: Fight Now, Legacy Mode and Online Play.

Why did you decide to offer Fight Night Champion as a customizable download on PSN?

It’s all about providing choice. We know that gamers play in different ways. Some people are very into battling opponents online. Others prefer narrative-based stories, like you’ll find in Champion Mode. It’s really about letting fans customize their own experience by purchasing the game a la carte.

Why offer Champion Mode as a standalone game at $4.99?

Champion Mode is really what sets this game apart from Fight Night Round 4. It’s the first time EA SPORTS has had a story-based game mode. Champion Mode is inspired by classic boxing movies and provides hours of captivating and emotional gameplay. It’s the most instantly accessible mode and we felt the story line would draw gamers in who may not be huge boxing fans. By releasing Champion Mode as a standalone at $4.99, it allows gamers who may not be looking to purchase a full boxing title an opportunity to try it out.

What kind of player was the Fight Now piece created for?

Fight Now is for people who just want to get in and fight. They’ll have access to all the boxers and venues in the game. They can even create or download their own boxer.

Can they take that boxer through a whole career?

For that they would want Legacy Mode in the Games Mode download. This is where you get to create your alter ego and put him in the ring against past champions. You start with training and then fight through all your scheduled bouts. You’re goal is to establish yourself as the fighter to beat.

Is there a way to take your ‘alter ego’ online and fight other boxers?

You can purchase the Online Mode which will allow you to play people head-to-head or you can compete for local or worldwide belts.

Will the PSN trophies work any differently with this customizable version?

No, there’s no difference in how PSN trophies work. That being said, there are some trophies that are associated with specific modes, so you’ll have to have downloaded those modes to earn them.

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