Using Google Maps API Service? Starting January 2012 There’s A Charge For Heavy Usage

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Listen up developers and websites! Starting January 2012, Google will begin charging for their Google Maps API service. Now before you get furious, it only applies to those that reach 25,000 map hits in a single day. The charge per 1,000 views after the initial free 25,000 will be $4.00.

So how many are affected? According to Google, this “will only affect 0.35% of users”. Thor Mitchell, product manager of Google Maps API, states “We understand that the introduction of these limits may be concerning However, with the continued growth in adoption of the Maps API, we need to secure its long-term future by ensuring that even when used by the highest-volume for-profit sites, the service remains viable.”

So Google, thanks for the heads up. I can’t say that I’m excited about this. However, I can’t say that I’m terribly upset about it either. What are your thoughts?

Via [BBC]

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