Would You Pay To Save Games On Your PlayStation Vita?

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It seems increasingly like it will be an expensive occupation to be a PlayStation Vita owner. Following on from announcements that game prices (in Japan at least) could be as high as $78, we now understand that only a limited number of Vita games will allow save data to be stored on the game card itself, the remainder meaning that you will need to invest in a memory stick to save your progress.

These memory sticks will also be proprietary, so you can forget about digging out an old memory stick pro or SD card; you will need to buy a whole new card and again could be stung by up to $130 for a 32GB card. It is unknown what the reason is behind the decision to prevent many games from saving the games internally, but it could be due to developers wanting to cut down on differences between the retail and download versions of their software. After all, if you download a game through PSN you will only ever have the option to save on your own memory card.

So far only the launch titles have been discussed, and it is possible if unlikely this situation could change when the handheld is released outside of Japan. For your information then, here are the launch titles that won’t allow you to save to the game card itself:

• @field

• Uncharted: Golden Abyss

• Dream Club Zero

• Disgaea 3 Return

• Hot Shots Golf 6

• Monster Raider

• Ridge Racer

Anyway guys, you know what they say – quality costs. Right?

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