Apple’s HDTV To Feature iOS, Facetime, Siri, And Maybe iAds … Poised To Reinvent Yet Another Product

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Current TV manufacturers beware. Why? Because if this latest rumor is accurate, Apple may be planning to reinvent yet another product – HDTVs, and it may be sooner than we all are expecting. According to analysts and most notably Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities, Apple is already piloting and producing prototypes of the Apple HDTV, which could launch in 2012. White states that, “We believe the TV experience is in need of greater simplicity and innovation, providing Apple with opportunity to yet reinvent another product category and develop even closer ties with its customers.”

Additionally, it’s being reported that Apple would run the HDTV on iOS, with an integration package featuring Facetime, iAds, and your personal assistant, Siri. Could you imagine the possibilities with Siri here? I’m thinking death to the remote! Siri has that much potential and promise. Siri could control your entire entertainment needs: “Siri shuffle play my entire Rock genre tunes. Siri what shows are playing that’s appropriate for kids under age 10? Siri record all episodes of “Lie To Me”.” Get where I’m going with this?

Yes I know this has not been confirmed yet, but man the possibilities. What do you think?

Via [SlashGear] [AppleInsider]

Source [Brian White, Analyst Ticonderoga]

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