Sprint Says Goodbye To Unlimited Data Plans For Everything Except Smartphones

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I guess Sprint is feeling the aches of having truly unlimited plans on everything. Why do we say that? On yesterday it was revealed that Sprint would begin capping its’ data plans for just about everything except smartphones. That’s tablets, laptops, mobile hotspots, PC cards, and netbooks. Pretty shocking when you think of all the boastful advertisements Sprint bombards us with. You know – “Truly Unlimited”.

Unfortunately, this is scheduled to begin next month, and will take away one of those positive differences that Sprint held. And for those who love the option of having a mobile hotspot data plan on your smartphone, the same applies (just for clarity it’s restated) – a cap of 5GB each month, with a 5-cents charge per megabyte that exceeds the limit.

Will this hurt Sprint? Are you affected by this? Does this change anything going forward for you? I’m starting to wonder, “How long will it be before the cap comes over to smartphones?” Share your thoughts below!

Via [Mashable]

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