The 5 Hottest iPhone Games Of 2011

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By Dona Collins

If you have an iPhone, then you know it’s much more than a phone.  Your iPhone is a way to keep up with your email, browse the Internet, map your location, listen to music, watch videos, and pass your time with entertaining games.  What’s more is that, if playing games is your thing, iPhone offers a wide array of these whimsical pastimes to suit a wide variety of tastes.  Want to bone up on your knowledge of the latest and best iPhone game offerings?  Check out this list of the five hottest iPhone games of 2011:


Angry Birds –  Combining physics concepts with a charming ensemble of brightly colored, awkwardly chirping birds and villainous pigs, Angry Birds is a wildly popular strategy game that has taken the world by storm.  You can even find Angry Birds characters toys in a multitude of retail stores, as a testament to the game’s influence on pop culture.

Cat Physics –  This arcade-style game has you plotting out the movement of a ball from one side of the screen to the other.  It’s not as simple as it sounds.  A variety of screens featuring an array of obstacles are there to ensure that the game stays interesting, and that you can spend hours tweaking your movements trying to get the perfect score.

Cut the Rope – Yet another physics-inspired game, Cut the Rope requires that you solve a mental problem and foresee the possible outcome of cutting a rope in order to develop a plan to feed a hungry creature, and all while racing against a clock.

Dark Nebula – Although there are many ball-roller games apps on the market, this one takes the cake with its graphics, user-friendly maneuverability, and interesting puzzle variety.

Drop 7 –  This game took two ultimate, all-time favorite games – Sudoku and Tetris – and combined them into one of the most popular iPhone puzzle games on the market.  Under the Tetris premise, your goal is to prevent a grid of bubbles from rising to the top.  In order to get those bubbles to pop, you have to match the number of bubbles in a row to the number held in the uppermost bubble of the row.  Sound confusing?  It can be – at first – which is enough to get anyone hooked.

Looking for great ways to waste your time?  Look no further than your iPhone.  Don’t have an iPhone? Versions of these games are becoming available for the tablet pc and other phones as well. Take advantage of the myriad gaming opportunities your iPhone has to offer and drop out from all those outside distractions for a while.

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