NBA 2K12 My Player Mode: What Went Wrong?

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Ever since My Player mode debuted in the NBA 2K franchise I have been in love with it. In the 3 years the mode has been in the franchise it has quickly become one of the most enjoyable and entertaining modes in the game. In fact, it may be the deepest career mode in sports gaming. Every year 2K Sports seems to make the mode more engrossing as they continue to add more and more layers of depth. In my opinion, the mode was making nothing but positive improvements until the debacle that was last year’s patch which kept players from running the freestyle offense they had come to know for almost a month and forced them to run set plays where they had to fight just to get the ball. This took what was a very enjoyable mode and ruined it for a lot of people. Now in fairness, most people eventually just dealt with the changes until they got their player to the point where the plays that were run were for them because they were the star player. However, it’s obvious that 2K Sports got the idea that it wasn’t a popular move and made it optional in NBA 2K12.

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When I started playing My Player mode in NBA 2K12 I was impressed. Even though I still think they need to give the player a better way to show off their guys talent, the new Rookie Showcase and the accompanying interviews are the best way so far. There isn’t anything special about the Rookie Showcase game itself, so just play as hard as you can, try not to make mistakes and you should be alright. After the game, you will be interviewed by three teams who are thinking about taking you. The teams will ask you a series of questions and you should be honest because this is the only chance you are going to have to definitely influence where you will play. If a team that is heavy at your position wants to draft you, tell them you don’t want to play for them and they probably won’t draft you. Once you are drafted, you go to the contract negotiations to see your rookie deal. This is your first introduction to contract negotiations, though its kind of pointless since you can’t negotiate your rookie deal. From here, you are ready to start your NBA career and this is where the frustration begins.

Depending on what team you go to, you may or may not be starting. It doesn’t matter though, because you are about to be frustrated. I have tried playing with different play styles and different shot types and none of it seems to matter. The BIGGEST problem with My Player mode in NBA 2K12 is shooting. I’m sorry but it’s just broken and terribly so. I’m not a hotheaded gamer but the rate at which my guy blows open layups almost had me so frustrated I wanted to throw my controller across the room. Unfortunately, jumpshots are the same way, even if you have a perfect release you will miss an inordinate amount of times. My biggest problem is that they had no reason to tweak the shooting at all, I had a lot of people email and comment on post about My Player mode in NBA 2K11 and nobody ever complained about the consistency of shooting in the game, therefore I don’t know why you would even mess with it.

Last year, players quickly figured out that they could turn on “shot feedback” and that would help them learn the best time to release their shots which ultimately led to folks getting pretty good at hitting a decent amount of the jumpers. This year, you might as well not have that feedback because it doesn’t seem to matter because you will consistently miss even when you are getting perfect feedback in terms of your release. I understand that your guy is a rookie with really low ratings, but this is supposed to be an authentic basketball simulation and any player good enough to be drafted should be good enough to hit open layups and jump shots consistently. If they couldn’t then they shouldn’t be in the league. The net result of this is you have to take way too many shots just to score a decent amount of points and since you will blow so many shots that you SHOULD make you end up losing games that you shouldn’t. Your player will be so inconsistent that you can’t be relied on at all in close games to make shots. It got to the point where I was actually surprised when one of my guys shots actually went in. The bottom line is they need to get this fixed ASAP, it takes all the fun out of the mode and is not realistic at all. This is a classic case of it’s not broken don’t fix it.

The other big problem with My Player mode in NBA 2K12 is the absolutely idiotic trades that your team will make. These are problematic for two reasons, the first is how unrealistic they are. I eventually ended up on the Thunder, who then proceeded to trade away pretty much the entire starting lineup, I’m talking Westbrook, Durant, Ibaka, Harden and lots of others. I ended up playing with Rajon Rondo and Dwayne Wade which isn’t bad but there isn’t anyway the Thunder would trade basically their whole team. The entire league goes on this stupid trade spree and hardly anyone is immune. This results in unrealistic matchups and lots of teams who are way too stacked with great players.

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The second issue with this is that it completely kills “Team Chemistry” because you can’t create any since your team is constantly changing around you literally every week. People underestimate the importance of chemistry in My Player mode but its important and if it remains low it will cause your team to not function as effectively as it could which could cost you games. There are other issues like the random glitch that causes an extra long time during some free throws. Or how about when the game randomly reassigns you to cover a guy on the other end of the court who ends up getting open and it cost you skill points.

The sad part is the two major issues with the shooting and the stupid trades overshadow all the good additions to the mode. The introduction of a salary that you can use to upgrade your skills and attribute caps or buy different signature packages is great and a nice way to give players more control. All the endorsements are back but this year you get to be part of even better campaigns that span billboards, magazine covers, and even commercials. You add in the contract negotiations, expanded responses in post game interviews and other additions and you would have a very solid mode that would be a worthy evolution from last year. As is, if you are a glutton for punishment then you can play through it and hopefully temper your frustration but as for me personally I can’t see myself playing it too much more until they do something about this. I am a huge NBA 2K fan, but this is just too much. Please 2K Sports get this fixed so I can get back to one of my favorite game modes.

Oh yeah, let’s get all those online issues fixed too.

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