Winner Of The Amazon Kindle Fire & Amazon Kindle Touch Announced … … [ZKG Tech Giveaway]

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A little over a week ago we announced our latest contest in which we would be giving away an Amazon Kindle Fire, and an Amazon Kindle Touch. The response we received from you guys was nothing short of amazing. You kept your end, now we’re keeping ours. How? Well today, we are announcing the winners of these new Amazon devices. So without too much more chatter, the winners are:

Nathan Reid (Kindle Touch) & Amygiven (Kindle Fire)

Hey Nathan, we hope this saves enough room for you and your wife. And Amygiven, we hope you enjoy the Kindle while finding time to kick butt on Black Ops.

Please join us in congratulating these two readers. In addition to their congratulations, we would like to thank each of you who participated in the contest. You may not have won this time around, but this is the kind of stuff we do all the time around here. So there is always a chance for you to win. Who knows? We may announce another contest very soon.

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