DICE Initiating A Battlefield 3 Beta Stress Test, ‘It’s Time To Battle-Test The Beta’ … Join This Weekend

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The DICE Team seems very committed in bringing you the best online experience possible before the release of Battlefield 3 on October 25th. We’ve already seen a list of improvements the DICE Team will be making before the final release date, and we’re sure there’s more. The more we play and provide valuable input, the better the experience will be upon launch. That said, DICE isn’t stopping there.

What are we saying? The team at DICE is putting together something like a stress test or fit test, to make sure their servers are up to par before we all bombard it when Battlefield 3 is released. The actual email states,

 “IT’S TIME TO BATTLE-TEST THE BETA … Thanks again for joining the Battlefield 3 Open BETA. We need all of you to make sure our servers can handle all the upcoming action and need you to play the Beta on the following dates and times: Sat. October 8 – Sun. October 9 from 12:00 PDT to 6:00 PDT.”

So make plans to stress the hell out of their servers this weekend so that we all may have a more enjoyable experience on October 25th, and beyond. How many of you plan on being there?

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