European PlayStation Vita Packaging Unveiled

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Even though the chances are that Europe will be the last of the gaming territories to see the release of the Vita, at least we can while away the time by gazing on the beautiful sight of the packaging for the handheld wonder machine. Oh, and I guess you Americans can join us. Not the Japanese though, they have way too much already. You all ready?

Mmmmmmm. Now that’s whiled away roughly 20 seconds, still probably about five months to wait. Oh well, another little Vita treat we can bring you is the list of in-built software and apps that you can enjoy as soon as you switch the little devil on; gosh we spoil you lot.

  • Welcome Park
  • Party
  • Playstation Store
  • Group Messaging
  • Photos
  • Near
  • Trophies
  • Music
  • Friends
  • Internet Browser

Most of that list is fairly self-explanatory and frankly rather useful but dull. Welcome Park however is a kind of interactive tutorial type game and should be a pretty cool way to learn about your new baby’s features. It features five mini-games based around the Vita’s hardware, for example a touch screen puzzle game using a photo you have taken with the built-in camera.

So what do you think then? The chances are the US packaging will be pretty similar to this, does it make everything feel more real for you? I’m still planning on picking up a 3DS at the new cheaper price point over the holidays (OK, I’m asking Santa for one…) but come Easter I WILL have a Vita, even if I have to mug a Banker for his bonus.

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