Dungeon Defenders Drops October 18th For PSN

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Who’s ready for some random yet awesome tower defense crossed with a tad of action based RPG?  No?  Well, you can go find something else to do well the rest of us cool kids talk about PSN’s latest release: Dungeon Defenders.  Yup, you read that right, Dungeon Defenders is billed as a four-player co-operative tower defense action-RPG.

For those of you who might not know much about Dungeon Defenders, you can create heroes from four specific classes to defend the land of Etheria.  On this journey players can customize and level their characters, create and upgrade equipment, gather loot, collect and raise pets (yeah, virtual pets are still cool.), play through multiple difficulties levels, and so much more.  A recent developer series video goes into all the details on one of the most important and most interesting parts of the game: the Combat phase.  This is where players can employ their strategies, tower and trap placements, upgrades and approach as players are tested by wave after wave of enemies that are purely focused on destroying everything you have.

So, that’s cool and everything right? Well there is even more.  The PSN version of Dungeon Defenders will also be the only version to feature 3D support and PlayStation Move support (obviously, but you get the point.)

Keep it dialed in here at ZKG  as we get closer to launch  and mark October 18th for Dungeon Defenders on PSN for only  $14.99!

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