BOOMSHAKALAKA! NBA JAM: On Fire Edition Drops This Week

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably are aware that NBA JAM: On Fire Edition Drops for PSN and Xbox Live this coming week.   NBA JAM has been around awhile and all of its wacky gameplay and characters are rolling along with it in this release.  (Come on, we even showed you the Honey Badgers last week..)  This NBA JAM outing will have all of the co-op campaign mayhem, all 30 NBA teams (and some bonus teams), online modes, and a new career system that players have come to expect from this title.


There have been over 1000 gameplay tweaks and additions to NBA Jam since the last outing.  A lot of these tweaks are under the hood and buried behind the scenes such as uncompressed animations, changes to the shot timing, and so forth.  However, the biggest upgrade is “Tag Mode.”  That’s right, the way you played it in the 16-bit era (you remember, don’t lie to yourself or your friends..we know better..) where you controlled both players is back.  By hitting R1, you can send your teammate up for the assisted jam or call them in to provide shove/block by hitting L1.  As many may recall, if you nailed three buckets in a row you would reap the benefits of being “ON FIRE”, well this time out three assists will land your team “ON FIRE!”

…oh yeah, it’s on…
When all is said and done NBA JAM is returning and it’s going to be freaking awesome.  So go get the demo on Tuesday and check it out if you aren’t totally convinced.   Though once you remember the joy of jamming from half-court, playing as a crazy honey badger, and hearing “HE’S ON FIRE,” you’ll come around.

October 4th for PS3 and October 5th for Xbox 360 and all for $14.99, it’s a steal.

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