iPhone 5 Launch Event To Be Held At Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium

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In what will be a slight change to the four previous iPhone announcements, the iPhone 5 launch event will not take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA). Instead, the iPhone 5 will be announced on Apple’s campus at their Town Hall Auditorium on the rumored date of October 4th. This information come from sources close to the company, and punctuates the recently rumored release date for the iPhone 5 – October 13th.

Why the change? Well, no exact reason was given. However, two popular assumptions are schedule conflicts due to pre-bookings of the YBCA, and/or the desire to make new CEO, Tim Cook, feel much more comfortable. Whatever the case, it looks like we’re a few short weeks away from the iPhone 5 release, which means those media invites should be going out pretty soon.

Anxious yet?

Via [AllThingsD]

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